Consulting Solutions for Oil and Gas Wells

Oil and Gas Consulting

Croft Consulting is focused on finding the optimal solutions for our clients. From business practices to field operations, CROFT Consulting will be there to help you every step of the way.

There are three major categories that Croft Consulting focuses on:

oil and gas consulting

Surface Consulting

A CROFT consultant will evaluate the staging of the well site; focusing on the capacity, reliability and efficiency of the equipment.

surface consulting

Sub-Surface Consulting

If you are experiencing loss in production, heavy oil, or you are water logged/loading, call us for assistance.

Train and Mentor

Mentor and Train

Our three-day oil and gas course covers the key functional areas across the oil and gas industry including the “upstream,” and “midstream” sectors.

This is not the time to second guess yourself so utilize CROFT's vast experience to find the correct solutions.

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Product Catalog

Download our e-catalog to read about the production equipment we offer for well sites across the globe.