Consulting: Sub-Surface

Sub-Surface Consulting

The founder and CEO of Croft started his career in downhole consulting and has experienced many scenarios working over 700 clients' wells. With amassing his experience and outsourcing many specialties areas to our approved consultants Croft has increased the probability of success for our clients.

There are many causes to need assistance with sub-surface could be natural loss in production, Heavy Oils or even water Logged/Loading. This is why Croft Consulting has spent its time developing areas of expertise in these areas to have the maximum value added for it clients.


  • Well Bore Evaluation
  • Operation Economics Report
  • Artificial Lift
    • Gas Lift
    • Hydraulic Pumping
    • Plunger Lift
  • Stimulation

This is not the time to second guess yourself so utilize CROFT's vast experience to find the correct solutions.

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