CROFT now offers pipeline and truck loading/unloading LACT units or LACT skids. Lease Automatic Custody Transfer (LACT) units measure and record the amount of fluid pumped either into a truck or a sales pipeline and can be automated to ensure that proper quality is met by the sold product. These systems are the most accurate and operations-friendly way of selling crude.


  • Standard or Full Containment Skid
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Safety Shutdowns/Callouts
  • Standard or Full Containment Skid
  • Coriolis Meter

CROFT offers meter runs, also referred to as meter skids or meter stations for field metering and skid package integration. Whether you need a standard metering skid or an upgrades custom package we can find the best solution for your application. These skids are built with high-quality components meeting or exceeding API, ASME, and AGA requirements.


  • Meter options from Daniel, Canalta, SureShot, Crane, and others
  • Line size options 2”-8” Standard
  • AGA Compliant
  • Analyzers for H2O, H2S, CO2
  • Expandable Flow Computer for additional inputs

For more information on LACT Units & Meter Runs, watch the webinar below:

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