Field Trip: Measuring Water Vapor

 Service Lead, Eric Gorka, takes us on our first Field Trip and shows us how to Measure Water Vapor. 



 To properly measure water vapor, you will need the following tools:

How to measure:

1. Install bulb

2. Purge bulb

3. Break each end of the tube in proper steps

4. Use the two-pump tube; after you have read the indicator from the first and second pump, you can remove the tube from the bulb

5. Read results quickly because saturation begins to creep in

Reading the tube data sheet:

The data sheet will explain the standard range, like number of strokes the puller needs to get an accurate reading. It will also explain what the color change is. In the video's example, the color change from yellow to green indicates water, while the color change from yellow to light green means methanol is present. 


Compressed Tube Data Sheet Methanol Pull Tube