Partner Spotlight: EcoVapor Recovery Systems

We are excited to spotlight one of our partners, EcoVapor Recovery Systems. CROFT values this relationship because EcoVapor's dedication matches CROFT's commitment to environmental controls.

EcoVapor Recovery Systems helps its clients achieve a ZERO Emissions facility while improving free cash flow and site safety. With their extensive expertise in tank vapor management and vapor recovery systems, EcoVapor can design, install and operate a vapor management system for tank batteries that results in: 

  • Capture and sale of vapor that would otherwise be flared – Sell More, Flare Less
  • Lowering of storage tank operating pressures to less than 4 oz., resulting in de-risking of fugitive emissions release, and a safer tank battery as well as lower maintenance costs 
  • Opportunity for a ZERO Emissions site, which saves permitting and reporting time and cost 
  • More wells or tanks can be co-located on a site due to lowered emissions, saving CAPEX and OPEX 

EcoVapor Equip


In this case of this Permian operator (picture below), vapor could not be introduced into the sales line due to high O2 in a Permian Central Processing Facility tank battery, which caused the gas to be flared. The O2 comes from a variety of sources and is difficult and costly to manage, and causes the facility to be at risk to be 'shut in' by exceeding pipeline O2 maximums. CROFT partnered with EcoVapor Recovery Systems and provided Ambient Cooling Systems, which insured the gas met pipeline temperature limits even during the hot West Texas Summer!
Once the ZERO2 units and Croft system were installed, no “shut in” of the CPF has occurred. Flaring has become a rare phenomenon, only in extreme emergency, thus providing incremental cash flow, a de-risked site for and solid environmental results, and a strong platform for permitting and compliance. 
CROFT and EcoVapor Recovery are strengthening our partnership to create turnkey emissions-free processing for clients. 
Get in contact with EcoVapor Recovery Systems:
Doug Gier | VP - Sales & Marketing | 303-444-3684 |