Joule Thomson Systems

Our JTS will increase valuable liquid hydrocarbon production.

Less Pressure Drop and Prevents Freezing

Croft Production Systems offers skid-mounted Joule Thomson Systems designed to handle gas streams between 1 to 10 MMcfd. The Joule Thomson System simultaneously reduces the water dew point of gas, recovers valuable hydrocarbon liquids and lowers the BTU (British Thermal Unit) of the gas stream to sales contract specifications or levels suited for high-speed engines.

CROFT's Joule Thomson System removes:

  • Butane
  • Pentane
  • Hexane
  • Gas Heavies

Gas enters the Joule Thomson System and travels through a series of heat exchangers that pre-cool the gas. The gas then passes through the Joule Thomson valve, taking a pressure drop and cooling further. Liquid fallout after the Joule Thomson valve is collected in the cold separator and sent to storage tanks. The cold gas then travels back through the heat exchanger and exits the Joule Thomson System.

These pre-assembled systems are delivered ready to be installed on location and are contained on a single skid. This space saving system is installed by experienced CROFT personnel, who will make sure everything is running smoothly, and continue to monitor the system on a monthly basis. 




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