Powering Engines

Natural gas powered engines are common throughout the oilfield, but the development of rich gas and sour fields has created issues when it comes to keeping these engines running optimally. Water vapor, free liquids, high BTU fuel, and H2S can ruin engines or cause them to run less efficiently or out of emissions compliance. Our variety of fuel gas solutions can help to remove these contaminants and protect high dollar equipment.

PDS 100

Removes Water

Supply Gas Dehydrator

This unit is a smaller version of our Passive Dehydration System ®. This unit was developed to meet the client's demand for smaller sized dehydration units.

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supply gas dehydrator

PG 100

Removes Particulates

PG 100 & PG 100(LP)

The PG 100 is a system designed specifically to remove particulates and free liquids from the gas streams. This unit is a coded vessel that requires a minimum inlet pressure of 30psi.

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coalescent filter

FCS 100

Prevents Freeze-ups

Fuel-Gas Conditioning

When water is present in the gas stream it can cause the freeze-ups and corrosion of equipment.

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gen set fuel gas conditioning

CIS 100

Prevents Corrosion

Chemical Injection System

Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) is a hazardous biproduct that can cause equipment corrosion when it is present in the gas stream.

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h2s removal

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