Croft Production Systems, Inc. was founded in 1986 as an exploration, production, operation, and consulting company. Due to a TEG explosion, our Founder, Mr. Preston Croft, designed and manufactured his first Passive Dehydration System. Initially, the unit was tested on his personal production wells. Over the last 30 years, modifications and upgrades have been made to ensure optimal reliability and up to date technology. The original unit was designed to address safety issues associated with TEG dehydrators, however in the early 1990’s it became more economical to use a Passive Dehydration System due to its environmental and economical benefits. Issues and concerns regarding the use of TEG units eventually convinced Preston Croft to sell his producing wells and go into business engineering, manufacturing, and servicing the Passive Dehydration Systems.

Mr. Croft’s son, our current President and Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Cameron Croft, joined the CROFT team in 2006 with a vision to expand our product and services. Cameron Croft envisioned CROFT to become a turnkey operation that would encompass and maximize its production line, engineering, manufacturing, and service to suit our client’s needs. Under Cameron Croft’s leadership, CROFT has grown from addressing smaller operations to larger operators across the United States. Beginning in 2013, CROFT began consulting for companies with needs in Central and South America, Europe, and Asia.

In 2015, Cameron Croft was appointed Chief Operating Officer and in 2015, promoted to President and Chief Operating Officer. Then, in 2019, Cameron Croft was promoted to Chief Executive Officer. Under Cameron Croft’s direction, CROFT is constantly researching and developing ways to improve the existing product line, while also concentrating on the market expansion.

If you are looking for production or processing equipment for your well site, an Account Manager will be in touch with you within one business day.

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