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Cameron Croft
Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Cameron P. Croft

Mr. Cameron P. Croft graduated from the University of Houston with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering Technology and holds a Master’s of Science Degree in Technology Project Management with a black belt in Lean Six Sigma. Mr. Croft joined Croft Production Systems, Inc. in 2006 with a vision to work his way from process engineer to CROFT’s current Chief Executive Officer. Under Mr. Croft’s leadership, CROFT has moved from specializing in Passive Dehydration Systems to an all-inclusive production and processing company. Mr. Croft holds extensive training in multiple technical and supervisory field roles, including experience in design and product engineering. Mr. Croft provides strategic leadership, management, and the vision necessary to ensure CROFT has the proper operational control, administration, and procedures in place. Mr. Croft’s main focus is to grow a solid management team to operate efficiently with the industry by continuously improving CROFT products, designs, and processes in order to maintain a solid foundation.

Chief Technology Officer

Chris Smithson

Mr. Smithson graduated from the University of Houston with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering Technology. He joined CROFT’s Engineering Team in 2011, with a vision to improve CROFT products and designs for production equipment. During Mr. Smithson's tenure with CROFT, he was promoted several times, and currently holds the role of Chief Technology Officer. Under his leadership, the CROFT Team has launched multiple new product lines; CROFT’s Chemical Injection System (for which he personally received a patent), Fuel-gas Conditioning System, and Ambient Cooling System, as well as improving the designs of the Gas Sweetening System and Joule Thomson System product lines. Mr. Smithson’s expertise and leadership include consulting on multiple oil and gas projects around the world, plus CROFT’s technology advancements by implementing the latest 3D CAD design/analysis software, product data management, along with process simulation software for Chemical and Hydrocarbon processes. Ultimately, Mr. Smithson’s main focus is to continue to improve CROFT’s products and designs to meet industry demand.

Niomi headshot 2
Operations Manager

Niomi Sanchez

Ms. Niomi Sanchez graduated from the University of Houston with a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology and a Master of Business Administration. She joined Croft operations team in 2018 as Quality Control Inspector. Having over 15 years of management experience, she achieved the role of Croft’s Operation Manager within a year.  Ms. Niomi holds high standards and expectations for her team, stemming from her personal enrollment in military service starting at the age of 18. Under her leadership and guidance, Croft’s diligent manufacturing team grows to the opportunity to become a part of every major play in the US.   Her focus on team cohesion facilitates tactics of safety and effortless streamlines for all products between clients and teams.

Service Tech Lead

Eric Gorka

Mr. Eric “Gorka” Gorka, joined Croft Production Systems in April 2015 as a Service Technician and has earned his way to managing the Service Team. With his field experience and continuous improvements, the CROFT Service Team has grown ever complex handling multiple product lines spanning the United States. Gorka and his team have worked with CROFT engineering team to improve the designs of the Amine Plants, (TEG) Triethylene Glycol System, JT Plants and more. Under his leadership, CROFT has continued to open new Service Hubs around the country to better serve its clients, has built an immersive service training program to bring technicians with no experience to running their own service routes in 6 months, and consulting natural gas processing issues worldwide. Gorka’s goal is to continue to improve CROFT’s runtime of its products and the reaction time of its service team.

Preston Croft

Mr. Preston Croft

Mr. Preston Croft graduated from Sul Ross State University with a Bachelor of Science in Petroleum Geology, with a minor in Physics. Mr. Croft has over 50 years of oil and gas industry experience, with extensive knowledge in exploration, wellbore completions, production facility design, artificial lift evaluations, and property economics. In 1986 Mr. Croft formed the company Mid-American Production Company where he personally obtained 107 producing wells and managed an additional 350 wells for outside clients. Ultimately, Mr. Croft invented the first Passive Dehydration System and made the decision to sell Mid-American Production Company and became the Founder of Croft Production Systems, Inc. in 2006. Mr. Croft currently serves as on the Advisory Board and is a well-respected member of CROFT’s Leadership Team. Mr. Croft’s main focus is to enhance CROFT’s growth through mentorship and technical expertise.

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