Bullet Tank Features with Eric Orellana

Posted on Jun 27, 2019 by Tiffanie Gupton

Engineer, Eric Orellana, talks about bullet tanks, their features and NGL recovery. 

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What is a Bullet Tank?


Hi, my name is Eric Orellana, I’m an engineer here at Croft Production Systems.

Today I’ll be talking to you about bullet tanks and some of their features. NGL tanks typically range from 6,000 to 30,000 gallons.

Here at Croft, we provide the most popular size, which is 18,000 gallons. Bullet tanks are usually used after a mechanical refrigeration system or a JT unit to collect and store NGLs. Our refurbished units can come with accessories ready to use and they also comply with the NFPA 58 and your local regulations.

Next, we can look at some of the features on the bulkhead. The features that are included in the bulkhead are the bulkhead itself, which is the main component that everything is mounted on. It is cemented into the ground. The one-inch transfer hose, which is the vapor return line, the one-inch globe valve, which is at the end of the hose, and you also have your two-inch transfer hose, which is your NGL out.

Then you also have your stainless steel flex hoses which allow you to flex in case of a drive out all your piping will not burst their brake, you will have a little bit of flex on there. Next you have your two inch emergency shut off valve, which in an event of an emergency, the tubing lines were to burst, these valves will shut off and then lastly, you have your emergency shut of switch, which is there for the user for any emergencies that they would have they can switch on and off.

Additional accessories include a back pressure valve, pressure gauge, level gauge, temperature gauge, piping relief valves, and a regulator. This regulator will control the pneumatics and this will control the amount of air going into the ESV valve, the actuator, and the actuators that are mounted on the internal valves.

On the other side of the bullet tank, we have two pressure relief valves, which are set at 250 pounds in the event of any overpressure. We also have a manway to access the internals of the bullet tank and you also have a roto gauge available. We got several bullet tanks ready to be customized for your application.

If you’re interested, call us at 979-793-2100 or visit our website at croftsystems.net.

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