Highly Versatile, Mobilized Equipment that Captures NGL’s

America’s drilling process is converting to operate with hybrid systems, resulting in the conversion of running rigs based off of their own produced natural gas and avoiding the cost of using expensive diesel in order to run the rigs. Learn more about theses hybrid systems that utilize bi-fuel or dual-fuel and natural gas driven-engines.

Croft Production Systems, Inc. has engineered a solution that will process the natural gas at the well site, enabling the operator to utilize the well’s gas stream while continuing to run the drilling operation. 

The newest edition to the CROFT line up is the highly versatile FCS-500MThe mobile natural gas liquids (NGL) storage trailer is operator friendly, mobilized package that is available for lease or sale.

The FCS-500M efficiently and effectively lowers BTUs (British Thermal Units), dehydrates and removes contaminants, and stores the natural gas liquids in two storage tanks. Three pieces of CROFT equipment make up this 40 foot Gooseneck trailer: Ambient Cooling SystemPassive Dehydration System, and Joule Thomson System; accompanying these systems are two storage tanks, which store the NGLs recovered from the Joule Thomson process. The mobile trailer uses our eco-friendly desiccant, enviro-DRI. 

This mobile trailer can aid anyone who is seeing constant rig, compressor, and/or engine shutdowns due to contaminated natural gas supply fuel.  By using the FCS-500M, you are able to capture the valuable NGLs, instead of flaring them which can result in additional revenue. 

*Updated May 2020 by a CROFT Representative

There are also quick connecting ports on the trailer for easy access to the NGLs. There are no special permits that are associated with the travel or operational use of the trailer. CROFT engineered this mobile Fuel-Gas Conditioning package to fulfill the economic and operational needs by providing gas processing mobilization for the oil and gas industry.

Posted on Aug 18, 2014 by Croft Productions

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