Vehicles Powered by Natural Gas

What is CNG powered car?

A natural gas vehicle is an alternative fuel vehicle that uses Compressed Natural Gas or Liquefied Natural Gas as a cleaner substitute to the other fossil fuels. In 2011, there were over 14.8 million natural gas vehicles. Natural gas is clean, abundant, cheap, and domestic!

Where are these cars? 

The countries who have the most vehicles powered by natural gas are as follows:

Iran=2.86 million cars

Pakistan=2.85 million cars

Argentina= 2.07 million cars

Brazil= 1.70 million cars

India=1.10 million cars

In America? About 120,000 natural gas vehicles nationwide. 

As a side note, in Latin America most cars are run on a bi-fuel engine which allows the vehicle to run not only on natural gas, but gasoline as well. 

Where are the NGV filling stations located?

NGV filling stations can be located anywhere that natural gas lines exist. Compressors (CNG) or liquifaction plants (LNG) are usually built on large scale but with CNG small home refueling stations are possible. A company called FuelMaker pioneered such a system called Phill Home Refueling Appliance (known as “Phill”), which they developed in partnership with Honda for the American GX model. Phill is now manufactured and sold by BRC FuelMaker, a division of Fuel Systems Solutions, Inc.

Is it safer than a gasoline-powered vehicle?

Yes, CNG-powered vehicles are considered to be safer than gasoline-powered vehicles. 

What are the advantages of owning a CNG vehicle?

LNG – and especially CNG – tends to corrode and wear the parts of an engine less rapidly than gasoline. Thus it’s quite common to find diesel-engine NGVs with high mileages (over 500,000 miles). Emissions are cleaner, with lower emissions of carbon and lower particulate emissions per equivalent distance traveled. There is generally less wasted fuel.

What are the disadvantages of owning a CNG vehicle?

  • Fuel Storage 
  • Infrastructure availability for delivery and distribution at fueling stations
  • Storage (CNG must be stored in high pressure cylinders; LNG must be stored in cryogenic cylinders)
  • CNG cars do cost more
  • The mileage distance is shorter than gasoline-fueled cars

Do you own a car powered by natural gas? What made you convert to a CNG powered-vehicle? 

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