Passive Dehydration System

Our emission free dehydrators are a reliable, cost-effective, and clean way to dehydrate your natural gas streams.

Croft has dehydrated 20 Mcfd - 180,000 Mcfd.

Zero Operational Emissions and No Moving Parts

Raw natural gas requires dehydration in order to avoid the formation of hydrates, reduce corrosion, and meet sales specifications before it is sent downstream. In today’s competitive environment, evaluating performance and identifying alternative methods for dehydration is becoming increasingly important.

So why Choose a PDS over TEG well glycol dehydrators vent methane, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and hazardous air pollutants (HAPs) to the atmosphere from the glycol regenerator and also bleed natural gas from pneumatic control devices. This process wastes gas, costs money, and contributes to local air quality problems as well as global climate change.

What is a CROFT-designed Passive Dehydration System? Croft Production Systems, Inc. has developed a solid desiccant dehydrator that is safe, easy, and effective in dehydrating the gas stream; CROFT will properly size and lease a system to meet your needs. When signing a lease with CROFT, you will have a dedicated account representative and service manager over your location because your success is our success.

How it Works

Wet gas flows upward through a series of solid desiccant vessels each containing our specifically formulated enviroDRI desiccant. This product absorbs the moisture and dissolves into a brine solution that is drained to the water storage on location. This product is a non-hazardous material that has no special disposal requirements. The system is designed on a 30-60 day service cycle. During this time frame, the CROFT service team will visit the location to conduct all preventative checks, maintenance, and handle the refilling of the product.

CROFT recommends the design to have two or more bottles in order to continuously dehydrate the gas while one of the vessels is being serviced, avoiding shutdowns. This state of the art modular design can be utilized to add or remove dehydration capacity to accommodate any long-term fluctuations of gas volume.

Supply Gas Dehydrator

This is a smaller version of our Passive Dehydration System®. We developed this equipment due to the increased customer demand for a smaller sized dehydration units. This unit differs from our PDS® in that it is able to be purchased. We will continue to utilize our specifically designed enviroDRI® desiccant; it is now more conveniently packaged and is able to be shipped to your destination. This unit utilizes the same technology as our larger systems so that consumers will experience the same benefits. It’s main goal is to accommodate the dehydration of smaller volumes of gas streams through using our industry leading design. Read More>

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