Manufacturing Oil and Gas Process Equipment (VLOG)


CROFT Manufacturing Facility: 

We're here at our manufacturing facility here in Needville, Texas. On Saturdays it's all objective base so what we're going to do is walk around look at the status and the milestones that we're hitting on all the projects that we have going on. All right so let's go visit with everybody.


Passive Dehydration System Manufacturing: 

One of the objectives today is what are manufacturing bypasses for our 60-inch passive dehydration systems, so these bypasses are fully welded out. We have to do sixteen of these bad boys the hard part of the welders what they have to do they can't have any air movement once they actually start welding this thing so that means they have to build these hooches. So, they're fitting everything up right now and when it's all said and done we're going to do a hundred percent x-ray on the welds which we've done already on these this is when you know you got a good weld going on.


Equipment Recertification Program: 

What’s cool is CROFT is doing right now recertification programs so this is the old TEG we bought from one of our clients and what we're doing is conducting QC holding points on to it at this moment the QC holding point is actually a Hydro testing, so we will actually fill this thing full of water test it up till 1.3 times over working pressure. Juan doing in the background right now is he's preparing everything. We resurfaced all the flanges yesterday putting bull plugs in it and allowing the air to escape so being that this is an eight tray each of these valves here is releasing air for these trays because any type of air inside of it will make it compressible and throw off the figures. So, their objective today is to do a pre-testing get it up to 1872 psi hold it make sure there's no leaks and if that's the case then on Monday we're going to do or a recorded hydro test to put it in the data books for our clients.


After our tower is Hydro tested we prepare it for sandblasting. Then we do a commercial blast on it having a QC holding point just to double-check everything and then we do a prime QC to have a certain mil thickness and then we do a topcoat on top of that as well, so this is what the finished product should look like by the time it's done. That tower was associated with a 500 mm BTU Regen which were stripped down right now and we're going back and re insulating the major components. So, you see their working on the small flash tank right now and yesterday they finished the reboiler behind them. Other components that we broke down so he stripped even the heat exchanger everything's been separated hide you tested on all components all the small bottles all the small filters still call them the filter in the fuel pot right there they've all been Hydra tested ready to go so we're also going to be mounting the major components today so by the time that it looks this is kind of a small version of what it's going to look like when it's all said and done so this is a TG region so the 500 region is just bigger than this


Fuel-Gas Conditioning Manufacturing: 

This is our fuel gas conditioning system now this will be going out next week so our clients are going to be utilizing this to reduce the BTU their gas before it goes in other compressors so what we have going on right now we finished piping we finished hydro testing so they're actually going back and re insulate the cold spots that need to be insulated and then running all the instrumentation lines. So, what's left on this thing is actually instrumentation QC and then we'll have a last unit to deliver a report where we check all final quality control documents before it leaves our facility.


Thanks For Watching: 

Thanks for checking out our video, if you have an application you're working on, or questions in general, please feel free to contact us at any time. We look forward to working with you soon.