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Posted on Jul 30, 2020 by Croft Productions

Amine plant processing natural gas

CROFT Gas Sweetwning Systems (GSS), also known as Amine Plants, safely remove H2S and CO2 from the gas stream to low levels that meet pipeline specifications. CROFT designs and manufactures gas sweetening amine plants with rates of up to 10 GPM of amine. Using the given parameters for your particular gas stream, we will design the most efficient system to handle your specifications. CROFT will be there every step of the way with design, manufacture, assembly, start-up, and troubleshooting any operational issues that involve the Gas Sweetening System. Below are the answers to our clients most frequently asked questions about our GSS:

What is The Minimum Pressure Needed For a CROFT Amine Plant?

In CROFT standard designed plants, we utilize Kimray 450 pumps which the manufacturer requires 400 PSI. If the pressure is lower, then we recommend utilizing a back-pressure valve on the tower to increase pressure or you can upgrade to electric pumps if your location has power.  

How Much Chemical does a CROFT Amine Plant Use?

The plants utilize two major chemicals, amine and deionized water. Amine (Just amine, not water too) losses will average 2-3 lbs/MMscf. Normal water losses vary by the inlet gas conditions and the amount of heating of the gas in the contact tower but are much higher than the amine losses. Some plants can lose up to 100 lbs/MMscf under normal operations. Water losses are higher because of boiling out and entrainment in the waste stream acid gas line. NOTE: high losses due to carry over because of foaming, pressure swings, and volume swings may occur. 

How do you dispose of the Amine?  

The proper Amine disposal will vary with location. Contact your local carrier.

How are CROFT Amine Plants Transported?

Amine plant all in one package on one truck

The amine plants are built in a rugged, all-in-one package on a single skid to allow easy transportation and installation to greatly decrease delivery and setup time.

What is the Advantage of a CROFT Amine Plant?

CROFT Amine plants can also be utilized in split stream applications in order to treat grater volume amounts of H2S and CO2. Therefore, if the well stabilizes and decreases in volume over time and requires fewer gallons of amine circulation, the excess plants can be removed. This method allows the client to treat only what is specified and avoid having over-sized assets in their locations.

Due to the detrimental effects that H2S and CO2 have, pipeline companies have in place that prevent acid gas or gas with high amounts of H2S and CO2 to be put into the pipeline. Learn more about what acid gas is and how to remove acid gas in our other blogs.

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